Coral Sun and our vision

Thank you for checking out our story and what we stand for at Coral Sun.  As the owner/founder, I am beyond proud to talk about what makes Coral Sun so special to me and the amazing team that supports our vision.


I started in the skincare industry over 12 years ago with a passion for all things skincare. It seemed every time I hit a personal goal I was propelled to continue further along in this industry. (I will talk more about that in another blog.) I was able to get into a place where I had worked with so many other brands developing products that I wanted to go on my own and make a "hybrid" of my vision of what "I" would want to use on myself, friends and family. Hence Coral Sun was born.

I have been beyond blessed to have the team, family and friends support around me to continue my lifelong dream of being not only an entrepreneur and environmentally conscious brand owner; but more importantly the ability to have products that are globally acknowledged as an industry-standard as we grow.

I thank everyone again for their support and please let me know any questions about products as we continue to launch reef-friendly, cruelty-free, all-natural sun care and beauty products.



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